Stunning Photos of Miami as It Used to Be / by Jill Freedman

I lived down there for ten years. I lived across from the beach and I swam and I read.  I kinda dropped off the planet.  I spent most of it lying supine, under an umbrella, reading. It was great. I went there to get away— to turn on, tune in, and drop out. And the guy who rented chairs was my grass dealer and my cat-sitter. Perfect! It was perfect. I took a sabbatical from life. I had been fighting to be able to read since I was ten years old, when the only place you could be left alone was the bathroom. They always caught you with the flashlight under the covers. There was a library that got me any book I wanted two blocks away, swimming pools, balmy breezes. No one was there telling me to turn the light out at night. I could read until whenever I wanted.

Here's a link to the story and more photos.