South Beach Strippers / by Jill Freedman


South Beach Strippers

Miami Beach, Florida
December 2002

Nothing says love like nice present, and while candy and flowers are good, nothing gets Cupid’s arrow quivering like a spanking new pair of knickers. The kind you put on to take off. If love is fleeting and ephemeral, best to keep the dream alive, put as much satin and lace between your pelt and the naked truth as decently possible.

In search of the indecently possible, and the romance that’s in it,  I checked out what the strippers weren't wearing. For who would know better about taking it off than a stripper? But alas, striptease is no more; no more tease of the balloon or bubble or veil. They come out already stripped of illusions, leaving nothing to the imagination. Where is the magic? Nowadays strippers look like everyone else running around in their underwear, except their heels are higher and their bodies built. And they get paid for working out.

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